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Tea Time...not just for grandmas!

Whether you are a caffeine fanatic or avoid it like the plague, there is something for everyone when you hydrate with tea. Drinking tea, hot or cold has beaucoup benefits from healthier skin to a hearty digestive system. Here are some basic bennies of tea...

White tea- super low caffeine level (28 milligrams per cup), lowers cholesterol, enhances fat burning  metabolism

Green tea-low caffeine level, anti oxidants which fight free radicals, reducing the risk of cancer, helps delay skin aging and can help reverse sun damage in your skin

Roobois tea-naturally caffeine free, contains calcium to help build bones

Blue tea-may protect against free radicals, reducing the risk of cancer

Kombucha- fermented tea, tiny amount of caffeine. Contains some sugar from the fermented yeast, but assists the good bacteria in the gut. Helps your system absorb nutrients. Great probiotic properties!

Black Tea- contains caffeine, has polyphenols which may prevent some types of cancer. More research is needed, but it may lower the risk of diabetes, kidney stones and heart disease.



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