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Foods with staying power

As we hit the buffet table during the upcoming holiday parties, try to focus on the following foods to satisfy your appetite and keep you feeling full...

Fruits and veggies are big on fiber and low on calories. They provide bulk and tons of nutrients.

Protein such as chicken, turkey or fish  are at the head of the class when it comes to providing nutrients and keeping the calorie  count in check.

Whole grains like wild or brown rice and quinoa, are high in fiber and will slowly affect blood sugar, so you won't feel hungry again quickly. No spike in blood sugar is a good thing!

Nuts and seeds have fiber, fat and protein, plus they are good for your brain and heart. Just enjoy in moderation, because while they are satisfying, the calories add up.

So where are the cookies, cocktails and treats?

In moderation, my friends! Enjoy dark chocolate for its antioxidants, sparkling wine because it has fewer calories than regular wine and as for cookies, well-even Santa can't resist.



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