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"Hado"... a Japanese word for life force energy

Hado is a concept that has existed in Japanese culture for centuries. Simply put, Hado describes the energy vibrations that permeate all things, animate and inanimate. According to a recent article from The Daily Om by Madisyn Taylor, the study of Hado tells us that the energetic vibrations from our thoughts affects our physical realities. Each of us has the ability to manifest a specific intention through the “Hado” or energy we send out. We are often unaware that our thoughts are creating vibrations in the outside world. Think about it. Have you ever felt a strong negative or positive energy from someone? Or have you approached a new experience from a negative place? If we become aware of our negative thinking, we can intentionally commit to think positively. Once we are aware of the power of Hado, we can create positive changes in our relationships, career, mental and emotional health. The take away from all of this is that we can create changes in our lives and the world, through monitoring our thoughts and intentions each day.

-Madisyn Taylor

-Daily Om

Patty Kelley