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This is your moment of change

"This very moment is your moment of change. As you read this, you have the choice to shift an old dynamic that you don't like and to step into something new. If you want to change your life, begin right now. Choose one small detail to change: give up one habit or do one thing that you've been putting off doing...Change happens in every moment of our lives, and when you join in, you are part of the greater flow of things. So, choose to participate. Make the small change that has the potential to initiate a cascade of other changes. It only takes one small action. Begin now."

-from Yoga 365

I love this quote. Don't we all hesitate to embrace change at some point in our lives? Fear takes ahold of us and keeps us from taking a leap forward. But really, what are we waiting for? It won't get any easier. The key is to make small shifts in behavior and stick with them. You will see progress and long lasting results. The time is now!

Patty KelleyComment