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Beautifying fats in your Kitchen pantry

Adding one or more essential cooking oils to your pantry can have beautifying results. Curious? Check this out...

Coconut oil is versatile, and has many applications that support health and natural beauty. It is an all purpose oil which is good for baking, stir frying, grilling and roasting. Coconut oil is quickly absorbed by the body and easy to digest, making it a good source of energy, plus it isn't stored as fat! The high healthy fat content of coconut oil can help balance blood sugar, support your immune system by fighting bacteria and viruses, and support weight loss by keeping you fuller longer. When applied to the hair or skin, it softens, nourishes and smooths with no artificial fragrances or chemicals. 

Other fats that have health and beauty benefits are olive oil, ghee, avocados, flax seed oil and sesame seed oil. As you get ready for sitting by the pool on spring break, consider adding one or more of these oils to your diet and you'll see results! 

Patty KelleyComment