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Collagen in your benefits or bogus?

Collagen, a popular ingredient in skin creams and lotions, is making its way into the food aisle of your local grocers. Collagen is a natural substance in our bodies, (including our bones), and counts for about 35% of our body make up, but the production of collagen diminishes as we age. 

That's why the beauty counters are full of products that contain collagen with claims to plump up your skin and hair, erase wrinkles and make you look younger. Food products containing collagen have been introduced in the U.S., after experiencing success in Japan and Europe. Collagen can be found in protein bars, coffee creamer, chocolates and a powder to add to your favorite beverage. But does this collagen that we eat really erase wrinkles and make our hair sleek and shiny? 

The jury is still out. There isn't enough data to support the claims of beauty benefits gained by ingesting collagen. Dermatologists say the data is inconclusive. The Wall Street Journal reported that the studies that have been conducted to date have been on a small scale or funded by the makers of the collagen food products. (Hmmm could be a bit biased?!) Many people have reported positive results from eating or drinking foods with collagen. I drank the powdered form in water and thought the taste was metallic. Bottom line... there's no solid proof that this is a magic solution to dry skin, limp hair and creaky bones. Maybe increasing foods like melon, kiwi and cukes to hydrate skin is a viable alternative until we have more information on collagen.

-Wall Street Journal May 2018

Patty KelleyComment