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Foods that help your skin glow

There are many foods that can help your skin maintain a healthy glow and keep it looking fresh and flawless for the summer months. Our skin needs collagen for firmness and elastin for elasticity. As we add candles to the birthday cake, our bodies produce less of both of these elements. Of course there are millions of lotions and serums to slather on to prevent wrinkles and add moisture topically, but the foods listed below will create healthy skin from the inside - out.

Protein helps our bodies produce elastin and collagen (which is also essential to healthy bones)

Protein rich foods include chicken, eggs, fish, soy, nuts.

Vitamin A helps with cell turnover and new cell growth. Foods containing vitamin A are

carrots, sweet potatoes, spinach, mangoes, cilantro and kale.

Vitamin C attacks free radicals which are unstable particles that attack collagen and elastin.

Foods with vitamin C are oranges, kiwi, kale, spinach, lemons and red peppers.

To keep your skin hydrated, eat foods with a high water content like melon, lettuce and cucumbers.

Healthy oils containing Omega 3's also help skin keep the moisture barrier intact. Eat salmon, tuna, trout, flaxseed, olive oil or coconut oil.

Polyphenols help the skin receive oxygen and nutrients. Eat blueberries, grapes and dark chocolate. (Whoa, not too much-a square or two should do the trick!)

Including these foods in your weekly meals could save your skin and save you money at the cosmetic counter.


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