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Conquering the Urge to Snack

We are in the middle of January and the thick of winter. In our fair state of Minnesota, we sometimes feel overwhelmed by the cold temps and gray skies, so we’re inclined to hunker down, binge watch a juicy series on Netflix and graze our way through the pantry. That’s a surefire way to gain a few lbs. and feel even more sluggish! Here are a few tips for avoiding that scenario…

  1. When you feel tempted to snack and the bag of chips in the cupboard is calling your name, ask your self “Am I really hungry? Do I really need this?” Chances are the answer is no.

  2. Ask yourself “Am I simply bored?”

  3. “Would a healthier option satisfy my craving?”

  4. “Am I eating because the clock says it is time?”

    If you decide that you really are hungry, wait ten minutes before snacking and drink a full glass of water. Then reach for any of the following healthy snacks with nutritional bennies, so you aren’t loading up on empty calories.

    Apple or banana with nut butter (potassium, assorted vitamins and immunity booster)

    Almonds, pistachios, walnuts or seeds like pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds (Healthy fat Omega 3’s plus calcium from almonds)

    Dark chocolate (antioxidants)

    Veggies and hummus (vitamins galore)

    Yogurt (low sugar type, please, calcium and probiotic)

    Fresh berries or dried fruit (Fiber and antioxidants)

    It’s always a good idea to refrain from eating in front of the TV because you can lose track of how much you are consuming. Monitor portion size!

    My secret simple trick to cut down on snacks is to brush my teeth right after meals . I want to keep that clean fresh mouth as long as I can.

    Remember- new habits take about 21 days to form, so have patience and stick with it. You can do this!!

Patty Kelley