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Traveling soon? Follow these tips for a healthy gut

August is a month when many of us hit the road for a family vacation. Whether your plans take you to another country or another state, you’ll want to keep your immune system strong and avoid stomach trouble. Check out these tips…

Oil of oregano is a natural antibiotic that can help tame an upset stomach and fight diarrhea. (Take it in capsule form according to directions). It also helps relieve pain from ear infections if your little ones develop one on the road.

Ginger chews help reduce nausea and are readily available in the candy aisle at the grocery store.

Boosting the good bacteria in the gut by taking probiotics before you hit the road will help you fight bad stomach bugs.

If you go to a country that may not have clean water from the tap, drink bottled water and forgo ice in drinks.

Happy trails!

Patty Kelley