Apple A Day Wellness

Favorite foods & brands

Now try these

Foods I can't live without

Little Northern Bakehouse gluten free bread (it's vegan too!) The seeded is my favorite

RX bars -only 5 ingredients, gluten free, dairy free, no added sugar

Boom Chicka Pop popcorn- local Minnesota company gone BIG

Ghee- substitute for butter. Can bake with it too.

Organic coconut oil - for stovetop cooking, baking, skincare, (yes skincare... for everything from cuticles to cold sores)

Kite Hill almond milk yogurt- low in sugar

Nada Moo frozen non dairy dessert-mint chip is my fave

Califia almond or coconut milk and blended coffee drinks

Glutino gluten free crackers and pretzels

purely elizabeth granola-if you can't make your own, this is the next best thing

purely elizabeth granola bars-gluten free and vegan, yet so yummy, you'll want to try all flavors

yumbutter almond butter with chia and hemp seeds and a dash of goji. A good source of protein and omega 3 healthy fat. Delish on apples, bananas or by the spoonful!

Whitehaven sauvignon blanc wine-a girl has to have some fun!

Omission gluten free beer